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Joli's German Shepherd Dog Pricing


Pet Quality Dog

Show Quality Dog

Additional Notes

7 - 12 Weeks

$500 and up

$1000 and Up

Can be shipped or picked up

12 - 16 Weeks

Not Available

$1500 and up

Can be shipped or picked up

16 - 24 Weeks

Not Available

$2500 and up

Can be shipped or picked up

24 Weeks and Older

These dogs are individually priced according to quality and training

Our dogs can be shipped by air at 12 weeks and older, departing from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, with all flight charges billed C.O.D. Additionally, when shipping via air, a charge of $250 is added to the price of your puppy for the following necessary equipment and services: one large shipping crate, which you will also utilize for the puppy's house training; a Veterinarian's office examination to get the required Health Certificate and pre-flight vaccinations; a MicroChip Identification Implant with the ID# written on our Contract of Sale; and delivery (75 miles away) to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

The following items are free of charge and accompany every dog: a copy of our book PUPPY LUV, which is a day-by-day guide for the new puppy owner in all stages of growth to old age; a copy of PUP TIPS, which is a special guide for the novice puppy owner; a Contract of Sale; a Kennel Medical Health File; and a Certified Five Generation Pedigree.

All of our dogs are sold on a "first come, first serve" basis. Customers can place deposits for specific litters and first pick is given to the person who first placed their deposit, second pick to the second person and so on. All costs are to be paid in advance, and in U.S. currency.

We promise to serve our clients for a lifetime, always giving free advice at any time for our dogs, who are specially and selectively bred to become your faithful companion and guardian.

Thank you, Lisa & John

If you're having trouble deciding which type of German Shepherd Dog is right for you, fill out Joli's Questionnaire and they'll help pick a dog that is right for you.

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