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In our breeding program, we practice: out-crossing, line breeding, and inbreeding. Each is done for specific reasons to accomplish and "set" certain traits and goals. Our Male dogs have lived up to 13 years, and our females up to 15 years, of course environment and care are important factors.

Hip Dysplasia is best controlled by only breeding disease-free dogs, and environmental control (diet and exercise). All of our breeding stock has been x-rayed, both hips and elbows. All dogs sold by Joli's German Shepherd Dogs are guaranteed to be free of Hip Dysplasia for their lifetime. This guarantee is outlined in the Sales Contract.

Over the years, a good measure of progress has been made with our blood, sweat, and tears. Our final goal is to produce carbon copies of what we consider to be the most complete dogs in the world, in mind AND in body. Since 1969, we have held the highest principles with our dogs and our clients, and we deal with our clients as we would like to be treated. Our lifetimes are too short to use any other approach. Genetic 'get' applies to humans as well as the German Shepherd Dog. We strive to breed dogs that meet the definition spelled out in every GSD Breed Book.

This web site is continually updated and we would be pleased if you revisit it from time to time. Check out the page on Training. Not too many dogs in the entire world would walk up and down that teeter-totter board, without fear, and just to please her owner. That is the kind of fearlessness, love, and obedience that we expect from our line of dogs.

We are very selective in our breeding, combining strength with strength, not weakness with weakness. We do not breed our dogs just to make puppies, we follow our planned breeding, by the book, not playing hunches, or gambling - it takes a lifetime to learn, but what a reward to see genetically near-perfect German Shepherd Dogs.

We suggest that you should acquire a puppy as young as possible, so he or she can make full adjustment to your environment more easily. If you are immediately interested, give us your specifics for sex, age and quality.

Quality refers to what the pup promises to look like as an adult.

"Showable" quality dogs (not that you have to show him) will be without physical shortcomings, i.e., excessively long hair, one testicle, level or undershot bite, flat croup, high tail setting or too low, etc., etc. (Even though we try for perfection, nothing in this world is perfect and without blemishes, but our German Shepherds are as close to perfect as one can get.)

"Pet" quality dogs are suitable for companionship and protection, Obedience Trials, and Schutzhund work, but not for Conformation Shows, or for Breeding. Temperament (the mind of our dogs) does not differentiate between "Pet" or "Show" quality - every dog we sell has a good mind and sound temperament. WHAT MAKES A GOOD DOG ARE GENETICS AND ENVIRONMENT.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at any time. Just give us your preferences and we can easily pick a puppy to fulfill your needs and desires. After all, we have FULLY satisfied our clients for over 25 years!

Shepherdly yours, John and Lisa

If you're having trouble deciding which type of German Shepherd Dog is right for you, fill out Joli's Questionnaire and they'll help pick a dog that is right for you.

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