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"Remarkable in his unswerving loyalty to his master, irrepressible in his high spirits, never idle, always in motion, good-natured but not a flatterer, a constant pleasure to the eye." This is the description that Prussian Captain of Calvary Max von Stephanitz, who founded the German Shepherd club over a century ago, used to describe Horand von Grafath, the spirited ancestor of all German Shepherd dogs. Horand von Grafath was born on the first of January 1895 and first registered as Hektor Linksrheim before being acquired by the captain.

Horand was the model from which the guidelines for breeding German Shepherd Dogs were developed. Where the character and nature of this dog are concerned, the goals of German Shepherd Dog breeding have not been changed since 1899. The strict breeding regulations, which the German Shepherd Dog Club of America continues to enforce rigorously, guarantee that only dogs conforming to the breed standard are used for breeding.*

The German Shepherd Dog is the most versatile dog of all the canines. They are very home and family oriented and make excellent companions and protectors. The Armed Services like their high intelligence, train-ability and dependability and use them in all aspects of war and peace. German Shepherd Dogs are also employed as leader dogs for the blind, therapy dogs and are known the world over for their trustworthiness, courage and willingness to perform the myriad of tasks for the physically and mentally challenged.

The vast majority of the German Shepherd dogs bred at Whistledown Kennel, live within a family environment, fulfilling its role as companion, friend, or simply as a playmate.

Careful and selective breeding is what makes the German Shepherd Dog such a special animal. This is also why it is so important when considering a purchase that you seek the advice and help of a conscientious and experienced breeder.

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*Taken from the book, The German Shepherd Dog, by Helmut Antesberger

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